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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx LaScArBxCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Partner teams

The LaScArBx Cluster of excellence brings up three joint research units of the Universities of Bordeaux and Bordeaux Montaigne which work in the field of archaeology in a broad sense.

Here are the main assets of this three laboratory configuration:

  • A much diversified range of “archaeological sciences”: historical sciences (especially with a well-structured “source texts” section), material sciences, life science, Earth science, digital humanities. The cluster is the only one in France to unite the whole of these specialities and to cover a chronological field this extended;
  • An international visibility: the three joint units carry out their field work over the five continents (in France, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South America, the Caribbean and Oceania). The three of them boast a hundred of institutional partners, around twenty international joint PhDs and are currently participating in about forty European and international programmes.
  • A strong anchorage in Aquitaine: LaScArBx’s archaeologists are particularly involved in Aquitaine where they interact with the Ministry for Culture and Communication (Regional Services for Archeology, museums…) and get financial support from regional and local governments (Conseil régional, Conseils généraux (24, 33)), the urban community and the city hall of Bordeaux).
AUSONIUS (UMR 5607 CNRS-Université Bordeaux  Montaigne)AUSONIUS (UMR 5607 CNRS-Université Bordeaux Montaigne)

AUSONIUS (dir. Jérôme FRANCE) is a joint research unit (CNRS-INSHS-University of Bordeaux) gathering researchers and academic staff working in the fields of Ancient history and the Middle Ages.

IRAMAT-CRP2A (UMR 5060 CNRS - Université Bordeaux Montaigne)IRAMAT-CRP2A (UMR 5060 CNRS - Université Bordeaux Montaigne)

CRP2A (Centre de Recherche en Physique appliquée à l'Archéologie, director Rémy Chapoulie) is one of the three teams which form the Institut de recherches sur les Archéomatériaux (IRAMAT).


PACEA (“from Prehistory to Present Time: Culture, Environment, Anthropology”, dir. Anne Delagnes) is under the regulation of the CNRS’ INNEE Institute, the University of Bordeaux and the Ministry for Culture and Communication. It is also associated with the Institut national de la recherche archéologique préventive through a framework convention.


LaScArBx maintains a special relationship of scientific and operating partnership with many Aquitaine structures working in the field of archaeology: archaeology regional service (DRAC Aquitaine, Ministry for Culture and Communication) players in Preventive Archaeology (Inrap, Hades, Archéosphère).