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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx LaScArBxCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence
LabEx LaScArBx

Bordeaux archaeological sciences

Le LabEx LaScArBx est un projet de structuration de recherche actuellement terminé.
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Le présent site est visible à titre indicatif et d'archivages des activités, pour toute question merci de vous adresser à animation-scientifique@u-bordeaux.fr

LaScArBx objectives

LaScArBx is a structuring and innovative project for archaeology in France. One of its main aims is to give an international profile to the future Bordeaux competence centre in Archaeology and make it at the same time attractive.

The cluster of excellence intends to substitute the juxtaposition of disciplines in Archaeology with a full exchange of knowledge and methods, going from pluridisciplinarity to interdisciplinarity. This should lead to interdisciplinary dialogue in a totally new dimension from that which archaeologists are currently used to, not only in Bordeaux, but also elsewhere in France and throughout the world. Out of this significant change of scale and the original hybridization of disciplines and skills, a major qualitative leap forward and significant results are expected. Yet, what is mainly at stake concerns the internationalisation of research activity: this scientific project should significantly increase the European and international visibility of the Bordeaux archaeological platform and make it more attractive for very high level senior scientists and young researchers with good potential.


Bordeaux archaeological sciences

The LaScArBx brings together three UMR of the University of Bordeaux working in the field of Archaeology. This combination of Archaeology, History, Prehistory, Classical Studies, Biological Anthropology, Archaeomaterials, Palaeoenvironment, 3D modelling, Rupestrian Art, Archaeotechnology or, in other words, of the so-called “human sciences” and the so-called “hard sciences” (historical sciences, material sciences, life sciences, Earth sciences, Digital humanities), distinguishes the LaScArBx from all other competition within France, as it is alone in uniting all of these specialities and covering such a chronological field.

The research theme of LaScArBx is focused on the notion of space, which is not in itself original. However, the chronological scale of the subject (from Early Prehistory to the Middle Ages), its spatial extent (across several continents), the diversity and combination of disciplines and expertise deployed to tackle its entirety constitute the specific strengths of this project: space is addressed, here, in all the meanings of the word (environment, place, territory), understood in the Long Time (in certain cases across tens of millennia) and across the diversity of its interactions with Man, these being documented by the entire range of archaeological sciences.


Innovation for the preservation of our heritage

Using the world in ancient societies: processes and forms of appropriation of space in Long Time

This theme is channeled through three routes, each of which concerns the relationship between Man and the space that surrounds him, and in particular the different processes of appropriation of this space that were developed by ancient societies:

  1. Settlements and Territories,
  2. Exploitation, Innovation, Exchange,
  3. Expressions of the Symbolic and Spaces of Memory.

This project is the opportunity to go beyond the historic and epistemological divides between the different disciplines, to create a true continuum between the teams. The aim is to substitute the juxtaposition of disciplines with a full exchange of knowledge and methods.