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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx LaScArBxCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence

Excellence in research

“Using the world in ancient societies: processes and forms of appropriation of space in Long Time”

The field of experimentation of the LaScArBx cluster of excellence is entitled "Using the world in ancient societies: processes and forms of appropriation of space in Long Time". This focus on the concept of space is not in itself original (archaeology always consists in studying how past societies interacted with their natural or cultural environments as well as the consequences of these interactions).

However, we believe that the specific strength of this project lies in the chronological extent of the subject (from Prehistory to Middle Age, even beyond for some aspects), its spatial extension (over several continents) and the diversity and the complementarity of the disciplines and the skills carried out to address it in its totality. Space is here conceived of in all the meanings of the word (environment, place, territory), understood in the Long Time and across the diversity of its interactions with Man, themselves documented by the whole range of archaeological science.

This theme is channelled through three routes, each of which deals with the relationship between Man and the space that surrounds him, and in particular the different processes of appropriation of this space that were developed by ancient societies:

  1. Settlements and territories,
  2. Exploitation, innovation, exchange,
  3. Expressions of the symbolic and spaces of Memory.

The co-operation between the LaScArBx teams is the opportunity to develop dating methods, digital tools and 3D imaging in historical and prehistoric sciences, and integrate new methodologies.

A unique grouping of platforms

LaScArBx provides Technological Platforms for experimental research including:

  • Technological platform dedicated to paleogenetics
  • Special equipment for dating and analyzing archeomaterials (archeomagnetism, thermo-luminescence, nuclear spectrometry, means of accelerated aging...
  • Technological platform dedicated to 3D technology (virtual reality).