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Cluster of excellence

New statistical tools for OSL datingLabEx LaScArBx

Philippe LANOS IRAMAT-CRP2A Project team: Pierre GUIBERT, Chantal TRIBOLO, Christelle LAHAYE, Guillaume GUERIN, Norbert MERCIER Partners: Laboratoire de Mathématiques Jean Leray (Université de Nantes) : Anne PHILIPPE Finance: €13,000 + one year post-doctoral contract €46,445

Research Topic II. Exploitation, Innovation, ExchangeFriday 20 June 2014 Last update Wednesday 15 July 2015
Gascon Rolls onlineLabEx LaScArBx

The “Gascon Rolls online” project is a vast programme of publishing the Gascon Rolls and putting them online. They are an exceptional documentary source from the English Chancery Court, preserved in the National Archives (London). This documentary source is vital for the knowledge of the Middle Ages in Aquitaine, and especially for the understanding of the dynamics of territorialisation in Aquitaine during the Hundred Years War.

PROGRESS IN THE RESEARCH PROJECTS Friday 06 September 2013 Last update Wednesday 18 March 2015
NEMO: Neanderthal Man facing death: funeral cultures/practicesLabEx LaScArBx

The NEMO project aims to understand the relation between the technical and economic traditions and the human remains during the Middle Palaeolithic period. The objective is to establish a new record of knowledge of the societies of the Middle Palaeolithic period in Western Europe, where human remains will not be considered as elements detached from their archaeological context.

PROGRESS IN THE RESEARCH PROJECTS Friday 06 September 2013 Last update Wednesday 18 March 2015
Saint-Martin-de-Bruch has not yet yielded all its secrets...LabEx LaScArBx

This year again, and for the third consecutive year, the excavation site at Saint-Martin-de-Bruch in Lot-et-Garonne has revealed many surprises. This site, known since the 1960s, confirmed by INRAP in 2005, has only really been investigated in the last three years (excavations programmed from 2011 to 2013). It was first occupied in ancient times by a Gallo-Roman villa, reused from the 6 th century to house a Merovingian necropolis, and may have been used up to the Carolingian era (10 th century).

PROGRESS IN THE RESEARCH PROJECTS Monday 09 September 2013 Last update Wednesday 18 March 2015
The ITHEM Project: No smoke without fire!LabEx LaScArBx

“To re-create, characterise and model the fires and their effects in the cave: an innovative programme!” The traces of fire in the Chauvet cave: from the Thermal Impacts on the walls to the characterisation of the fires, Experimentation and Modelling (IThEM).

PROGRESS IN THE RESEARCH PROJECTS Friday 15 November 2013 Last update Wednesday 18 March 2015
The ArTaPOC Project, or the contribution of 3D to the integrated study of decorated cavesLabEx LaScArBx

Porteur du projet : Jacques JAUBERT (UMR PACEA) Partenaires : UMR IRAMAT-CRP2A UPS SHS-3D I2M (TREFLE et GCE) EDyTeM Université de Savoie UMR ArScAn Ethnologie Préhistorique Univ. Paris Ouest Nanterre UMR TRACES et Université Toulouse 2 - Le Mirail CNP (Centre national de Préhistoire, Périgueux, Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication) Date : sept. 2012 – déc. 2014 (AAP n°2) Financement : 26 223 € Mots clés : SIG tridimensionnel, taphonomie des parois ornées

PROGRESS IN THE RESEARCH PROJECTS Thursday 30 January 2014 Last update Wednesday 18 March 2015