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Université de Bordeaux
LabEx LaScArBxCluster of Excellence
Cluster of excellence



Partners: Directorate General for Antiquities, Lebanon

Nicolas Thomas (INRAP, UMR 8589)

Financing: €32,855

Duration: 1 year (1st January 2012- 31st December 2012)

Temporary recruitment: Ziad El Morr (01/03/12 to 31/12/12) University of Bordeaux 3

This project aims to study the remains of Roman period bronze-smith workshops (2nd-4th centuries A.D.) discovered during the excavations of four sites (JEM002, JEM003, JEM004 and SFI654) located North from the actual Beirout city center (ancient Roman colony of Berytus), Lebanon. Today, little information is available on Roman bronze-smith workshops and especially the ones on the Mediterranean East Coast. The Beirut’s bronze-smith workshops, rich in metallurgical activity remains, are an exceptional opportunity to know more about the specificities of great bronze production. In this project, we are planning to study these workshops adopting an approach combining archaeology and archaeometry. It will be carried out by staff members from IFRAMAT-CRPAA and the Lebanese Directorate General for Antiquities as well as other specialists as Nicolas Thomas (INRAP, UMR 8589). The expected outcomes are precise data on craftsmen’s know-how-to and on the characteristics of copper alloy object production in Oriental Mediterranean under Roman domination.